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What is your moon sign?

Surely you know, without thinking, what your star sign is. If you're a bit more fit in astrology, you'll also know how your sign influences your character.
But have you ever heard of moon signs?

What is the difference between the moon sign and the zodiac sign?

Your constellation can be determined by calculating which of the twelve signs of the zodiac the sun was in at the time of your birth.

It is very similar with the moon sign. Here it is calculated in which sign of the zodiac the moon was at the time of your birth. The only difference is that the moon moves through a zodiac sign much faster than the sun. Therefore, not only the date but also the time is important.

How does your moon sign influence your character?

Every person has a masculine and a feminine side within them. The zodiac sign of the sun tends to influence the masculine side of a person, whereas the Moon tends to influence the feminine side. Thus, the moon sign characterises your feelings and intuitions, but also your attachment to other people as well as expectations and longings.

You have probably experienced this before - You read your horoscope, but it didn't match your experiences at all.
Among other things, this can be since in common horoscopes only the star sign is mentioned, but hardly ever the moon sign. In this case, you probably read a horoscope when you were more influenced by the moon.

What are the moon signs?

Aries moon icon

Aries Moon

ou tend to have impulsive outbursts, both positive and negative. More ...

Taurus moon icon

Taurus Moon

Traditions and stability are very important to you, you love familiar surroundings. More ...

Gemini moon icon

Gemini Moon

You can hardly handle emotions and put them into words. A bad state of mind often affects your body. More ...

Cancer moon icon

Cancer Moon

Even if you don't always show your emotions right away, you are very emotional and sensitive. More ...

Leo moon icon

Leo Moon

Dealing with your feelings is particularly easy for you; you are a loyal and honest friend. More ...

Virgo moon icon

Virgo Moon

You prefer logic to your own emotions and can only express them if they make sense to you. More ...

Libra moon icon

Libra Moon

To please everyone and to keep your balance, you often question your own emotions yourself. More ...

Scorpio moon icon

Scorpio Moon

Although you need a lot of closeness and intimacy, you often find it difficult to allow it yourself. More ...

Sagittarius moon icon

Sagittarius Moon

As an optimistic person, you love to learn new things and always evolve. More ...

Capricorn moon icon

Capricorn Moon

Independence is your first priority, you find it difficult to trust others completely. More ...

Aquarius moon icon

Aquarius Moon

Fearing rejection, you prefer to keep your own emotions to yourself and feel uncomfortable when you have to express them. More ...

Pisces moon icon

Pisces Moon

Empathy is your strongest character trait, which on the one hand supports you very positively, but on the other hand can also pull you down. More ...