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The light that rules the night - The Moon

What makes the moon so unique?

Even if we don't see it every night, it is always there - our moon, the mysterious, mystical companion of the earth.

Numerous cultures attribute magical powers to it, but it is also scientifically known that the moon influences the earth and its inhabitants.

To express our fascination, we have compiled some information for you.

The significance of the moon in astrology

We all know the 12 signs of the zodiac in western astrology. But did you know that the position of the moon also plays a big role in the timing of your birth?

The moon stays only about two days in the same zodiac sign and then moves on. The Sun, on the other hand, moves through a zodiac sign for about a month. So you can have one sign of the zodiac but another sign of the moon.

Often women even identify more with their moon sign than with their star sign. This is because in astrology the moon embodies the female principle, while the sun represents the male principle.

Have you ever heard of the moon in the 12 houses? Many astrologers believe that the house is even more important for the characteristics of a horoscope than the moon or zodiac sign. To determine the house, it is important to know the time of birth.

The mutability of the moon

Besides the full moon and the new moon, there are different phases of the moon. However, these are not just the waxing and waning moon, but five different rhythms that the moon goes through. There is the synodic, sidereal, tropical, draconic and anomalistic moon.

Secrets Full Moon Phases

The secrets of the moon

It was not only cultures with millennia of tradition that sought to uncover the secrets of the moon. The modern world, too, is and remains fascinated. For the same reason, Apollo 11 landed on our moon on 20 July 1969. To preserve the mystique, there are still many conspiracy theories surrounding the moon landing today.

What does the moon mean to you?

Do you attribute a special quality to the moon? What did the moon look like on the night you were born? Feel free to share your experiences with us!

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