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What does it say about you if your Moon Sign is Capricorn?

If the Moon was in the constellation of Capricorn at your birth, consistency, reliability, and responsibility are of the highest priority for you.

Here we explain how the Moon Sign Capricorn influences your character.

Characteristics of the Capricorn Moon

Security is everything for you - you need a regular daily routine, reliable relationships with your fellow human beings, and security. With the Moon in Capricorn, you are a very serious and sensible personality. You like everything to be under control and you keep your dreams and wishes to yourself.

You are honest and efficient, which your fellow men appreciate very much. Your sense of duty and your perseverance often take you where you want to be. You do not rush your way but approach everything calmly and logically. Work is an important part of life for you because it brings you both routine and security.

Downsides of the Character

However, these virtues also bring disadvantages. People of the Moon Sign Capricorn can appear emotionally blunted or even hard. Since you don't like to express your feelings, you may become distant from your fellow men. Don't throw yourself too much into your work and try to control any envy or resentment you may feel. If you can access your emotions, you can radiate more joy in life.

Capricorn Moon in Friendship, Love and Partnership

In relationships, the Moon Sign Capricorn is a faithful and loyal partner. However, you don't like to take the initiative - when you enter into a relationship, the other person usually makes the first move. In friendships, love, and other partnerships you value habits and reliability; you don't attach much importance to passion.

Significant colours

The colours that present the Moon Sign Capricorn are black, brown, and yellow. Black represents the clarity with which Capricorn goes through life. Brown represents Mother Earth and thus reflects the down-to-earth and rational nature of the Moon sign. Yellow is a colour that has a stimulating effect on persons of the Moon Sign Capricorn - it stands for the joy of life and optimism, of which something is sometimes missing in the life of Capricorn.