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What does it say about you if your Moon Sign is Taurus?

Your moon sign is Taurus? This reflects especially on your feminine side - your feelings, needs, and intuitions. Find out exactly how your moon sign influences your character in this article.

Characteristics of the Taurus Moon

Your first priority is peace, security and stability. You often create this for yourself through a cosy home, a familiar circle of family and friends and a secure job.

You love comfort, which is why you always react in a friendly and level-headed way to other people and events in your life. Emotional outbursts are rare for you. Because of this, you often arouse sympathy in those around you through your charm and warmth. This in turn makes you a particularly sociable person.

Possessions in general are very important to you because they give you security. But your own body image is also a high priority for you - you prefer to eat healthily, enjoy your meals to the full and keep fit. You usually can't get enough physical contact with other people.

Downsides of the Character

Of course, the Moon in Taurus does not only affect you on a fulfilling, positively regarded level. Some things also cost you some work. For example, comfort can quickly turn into sluggishness. The desire for material fulfillment can also develop into an extreme that clouds your positive, human sides. Changes often cost you a lot of energy, which is why you often resist them, even if they are necessary.

Taurus can also become pleasure-seeking, clumsy, and resentful. However, if you are aware of these qualities, you can work against them.

Taurus Moon in Friendship, Love and Partnership

In relationships, too, Taurus prefers security to adventure. With the Moon in Taurus, you are a loyal, faithful, and loving partner in friendships and love. You don't like to change your social circle and before starting a partnership you weigh up whether the emotional effort is worth it for you. However, once you have given your heart away, you can imagine a relationship for eternity.

Sensuality and physical love are very important aspects in your relationships. For the same reason, you don't do well with rejection.

Significant colours

Green, blue, and brown are the colours of the Moon in Taurus - all strongly associated with nature. The green is associated with growth and life and reflects the plant life of Mother Nature. The blue of the water and sky symbolises freedom and lightness, as well as loyalty, which is of high importance to Taurus. The brown of the earth represents the groundedness of the Taurus as well as coziness.