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What does it say about you if your Moon Sign is Scorpio?

The Moon Sign Scorpio influences your emotional world passionately and intensely. Instead of fearing their feelings, people of the Moon Sign Scorpio even explicitly go in search of them.

Your Moon Sign is Scorpio? Find out in this article how this affects you and your character.

Characteristics of the Scorpio Moon

Even if you feel intense, deep emotions and are comfortable with them, you don't like to reveal them. To other people they often remain a mystery. You, on the other hand, are always interested in going even deeper into your world of feelings and thoughts. You are not afraid to ask yourself the dark, difficult and profound questions of life. Your thirst for knowledge drives you ever forward and you are not afraid of what you might discover.

The Moon in Scorpio enables you to instinctively see through other people and special situations. Your passion and intensity are very attractive to those around you. No goal is too high for you, your persistence always brings you forward.

Downsides of the Character

All these positive qualities of the Moon Sign Scorpio contain possible dark sides at the same time. The intensity of your feelings can lead you to close yourself off and become suspicious. Because you instinctively analyse other people and their situations, you often, intentionally or unintentionally, hit their sore spot in conversations. This sting may drive away people who may not get along so well with your nature.

You should put a special focus on working on your overconfidence and your occasional addiction to control.

Scorpio Moon in Friendship, Love and Partnership

For many people of the Moon Sign Scorpio it is difficult to find true love. This is because at first, they do not like to open up to other people, which can arouse mistrust. Once this phase is overcome, it often leads to complicated relationships or emotional power struggles between the people involved. Jealousy in particular can cause you a lot of trouble in relationships, both in friendships and in love.

However, if you have found a person who understands your character and is equal to your intense emotions, you can live out a passionate and deep love with him or her. An everyday routine is written off immediately, with you every day is a new adventure.

Significant colours

The Moon Sign Scorpio has the significant colours white, black and red. White and black form very strong contrasts here. While white represents ideality and innocence, black is the colour of the dark side, death, and seriousness. People who have the Moon Sign Scorpio oscillate between these two contrasts at some point in their lives. Red is the colour of fire, reflecting the passionate, deep feelings of the Moon Sign.