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What does it say about you if your Moon Sign is Aquarius?

Your Moon Sign is Aquarius if the moon was in the constellation of the same name at your birth. It influences your feminine character traits, thus your intuitions and your emotional world.

Find out here how exactly the Moon Sign Aquarius affects you.

Characteristics of the Aquarius Moon

Freedom is your number one priority. You love to move freely and independently, to travel and explore new worlds. Developing and living out your individuality is especially important to you. Nevertheless, you enjoy being with people as long as they give you your space. You are cheerful, friendly, and open - that's why people around you are often attracted to you. You enjoy spending time with like-minded people. You can express your emotions without hesitation, but you don't think much of too strong feelings. This applies to both your own and others.

Downsides of the Character

The urge for freedom of the Moon Sign Aquarius brings with it some aspects that you can work on. For example, you may be unreliable. You don't think much of rules that restrict your freedom - both social norms and family rules. This can lead you to distance yourself from others and focus only on yourself.

Aquarius Moon in Friendship, Love and Partnership

Especially the last point makes it difficult for the Moon Sign Aquarius to get involved with other people. Your love is first and foremost for freedom and the general public. It is often difficult for you to concentrate on one or only a few persons. You rationalise your feelings and often fail to reach a deeper level with your friends or relationships. You get along best with like-minded people, as already described. This is true in love as well as in friendship or other partnerships.

Significant colours

The colours of the Moon Sign Aquarius are yellow, blue, and white. The yellow stands for the optimism and joy of life of Aquarius. The blue represents the vastness of the sky and the water and thus reflects the freedom of the Moon Sign. The purity with which the Moon Sign Aquarius approaches life is represented by the white.