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What does it say about you if your Moon Sign is Virgo?

The Moon sign Virgo is also known by the Latin name Virgo. If the moon was in the constellation of Virgo at the time of your birth, it will influence your character, especially your feminine traits.

Find out more in this article.

Characteristics of the Virgo Moon

With the moon in the constellation of Virgo, you are a neat, hardworking, and reliable person. You love order and security in your life. Above all, reason is important to you - therefore you do not strive for significant experiences that could possibly endanger you. You enjoy small successes in life and are completely satisfied with them. A regulated, efficient daily routine is the fundamental basis for this. According to the motto “head over heart”, reason always wins in your soul, you often push your feelings aside. This makes you have a calm, balanced personality.

The Virgo moon sign determines you to be a reserved, rather quiet person.

Downsides of the Character

The striving for perfection and order can lead persons of the Moon Sign Virgo to isolate themselves from their fellow men. Often they cannot stand the messiness of other people.

Don't focus too much on the details, but try to see the big picture now and then. Work on your egoism and self-criticism. Don't distance yourself too much from your friends and family.

Virgo Moon in Friendship, Love and Partnership

Distrust often makes it difficult for the Moon Sign Virgo to get involved in relationships. You are modest and quickly settle for what you get from the other person. For the same reason, you often give more than you receive. However, once your partner has gained your trust, you can give yourself completely to him or her and express your feelings little by little.

Significant colours

Significant colours for the Moon Sign Virgo are black, white, and yellow. Black and white reflect the contrasts in which the moon sign Virgo lives - there is only one or the other, everything can be explained with logic and reason. Yellow stands for the warmth and security that the moon sign creates for itself through its routines.