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What does it say about you if your Moon Sign is Leo?

If the Moon was in the constellation Leo at your birth, your sign is also Leo. The moon sign mainly influences your feminine side, i.e. your feelings, thoughts, and intuitions.

Learn in this article how exactly the Moon in Leo affects your character.

Characteristics of the Leo Moon

When people of the Moon sign Leo enter the room, they fill it with their pure appearance. As a Leo, you especially like this - you love to be the centre of attention and to receive the recognition and admiration of those around you. You have a big heart, possess a friendly and warm character, and are passionately emotional. Because of your charm and optimism, many people are attracted to you. You are always honest with them, very generous, and infect them with your joy of life.

Downsides of the Character

Nevertheless, with the Moon in Leo, you are prone to discontent from time to time. Your pride can be hurt very quickly, especially if you do not receive the recognition you think you deserve. You should work on your critical faculties. Because if you can't accept it, you often come across as angry or even arrogant. Don't overestimate yourself - not everything in life is at your feet. It is also important that you control your tendency to extremes and excesses.

Leo Moon in Friendship, Love and Partnership

The Moon sign Leo forms a very dominant character, both in love and in friendships. You have a strong desire for passionate and unconditional love. For the same reason, it is not difficult for you to talk about or express these feelings. In friendships and relationships, too, you love to be everything to the other person. However, you must be careful not to be seduced too quickly. Often enough flattery is enough to lure you in.

Significant colours

Significant colours for the moon sign Leo are gold, red, and yellow. Gold represents the luxury that Leo prefers - as well as the shimmering of its self when it is the centre of attention. Red is the colour of fire, which is the ruling element of the Moon sign Leo. It reflects the passion and strength of the character. Yellow represents the light, cheerfulness, and optimism of Leo.