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What does it say about you if your Moon Sign is Pisces?

If the Moon was in the constellation of Pisces at your birth, you are particularly strongly influenced by it. This is because the Moon has an increased effect on your feminine side, i.e. your emotional world. Pisces is known for its sensitivity - two strong emotional influences add up here.

Characteristics of the Pisces Moon

With the Moon in Pisces, you have extraordinary compassion for all living beings on Earth. You want to help everyone and make the world a better place. At the same time, like no other Moon Sign, you manage to retreat into your daydreams and fantasy worlds. Many people of the Moon sign Pisces are artists and find a way to express themselves in various creative ways. Your intuition is unparalleled and you are strongly sensitive to the emotions and vibrations of those around you. For this reason, people are often drawn to you.

Downsides of the Character

Because of your particular sensitivity to the feelings of others, you sometimes find it difficult to distinguish your own from theirs. Compassion can be very hard on you so that in extreme cases you fall into strong mood swings. Some people of the zodiac Sign Pisces then withdraw enormously, take on the role of victim and live the tragedy of the world. They can be despondent and unstable and give up control of their own lives.

Pisces Moon in Friendship, Love and Partnership

The Moon Sign Pisces is in love with love. You have a particularly romantic idea of relationships and want to become one with your partner. Without love you feel lonely and abandoned, your greatest fear is not being loved. That's why you throw yourself into relationships and affairs that you wouldn't necessarily have entered into in your right mind. Or you are the opposite: out of fear of not being loved, you withdraw and prefer to dream about love instead of living it in real life. In any kind of relationship, be it friendship, love, or partnership, you have to be careful not to give up on yourself.

Significant colours

Blue, white and pink are the colours of the Moon Sign Pisces. The blue, of course, reflects the water and thus the deep emotional world of your character. The white symbolisesS the innocence and purity with which you dream of perfect love. Your tender, romantic vein is represented by the colour pink.