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A unique gift for a wedding

Custom moon poster as gift for a wedding

The customized moon poster as a gift for the wedding

Unforgettable moments deserve special memories. A wedding is probably one of the most beautiful moments in the lives of many couples, and it is not for nothing that the celebration is recorded forever in pictures and sound. But also the invited guests contribute with their individual and personal wedding gifts to make the day unforgettable. If you want to stand out with your wedding gift, here's the perfect idea for you: give a personalized moon poster!

What makes the moon poster a special wedding gift?

Unique and individual - that's the moon poster from Moonposter.com. It shows you how the moon looks at a time selected by you. It does not matter whether it is a date in the past or the future. For example, you can create a personalized poster that shows the moon on the wedding night or at the wedding ceremony! A romantic gift that will surely bring great joy to the bride and groom and will be remembered forever. Because if the night sky is clear, you can still compare the poster with the moon in the starry sky the same night.

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How does it work?

Create your personal wedding gift easily in our poster configurator. First decide on one of the five different designs and the size of the poster. In the next step, you can choose the place and date that should be immortalized on the moon poster. Should it perhaps be the date and place of the bride and groom's first kiss? Or maybe the date of the wedding? In the preview you can see how the moon changes.
You can then customize your gift in even more detail. Enter a title and a dedication in which you address the bride and groom personally and share your own blessings with them. A nice detail: In the next step, you can have your poster framed right away!

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What makes the moon so special?

The mystical nature of the moon evokes a unique atmosphere. Although we do not always see it, it is always there and a faithful companion of our Earth. Thus, it also watches over the wedding night of the newlyweds and fills the relationship of the two lovers with its magic. Learn more about the . peculiarities of the moon here!