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A personal gift for couples

A moon poster as a gift for your loved ones

Gifts for couples should of course best please both partners. Often we want to give the couple a nice shared experience or a special memory, but wonder what they might both like. A very individual gift for couples is our personalised moon poster. It is a wonderful reminder of a special moment in the couple's relationship. Whether it's getting to know each other for the first time, moving into their first flat together, getting engaged or getting married.

A unique gift for couples

A moon poster is also a great gift for couples who want to please each other. If we want to surprise our partner, then of course it should be a special and personal gift. So how about a moon poster that shows the moon as it was in the sky on your first date or in another memorable moment?

How to create a unique moon poster

Now you might be wondering how it works that you can image the moon at a very specific moment. You need to know the place, date and time of the moment. Simply enter this information into our online generator and you will see what the moon looks like, for example, whether it is a full moon or a new moon.

In our online generator, you can also choose from various designs with which you can personalise the moon poster even more. We can print the moon for couples in classic black and white or in watercolour style. You can then enter the names of the couple or of you and your partner under the moon and add a personal text or a nice saying.

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The magic of the moon as a gift for couples

The moonlight poster for couples is definitely an eye-catcher in any living room, one of the most individual gifts for couples and a unique reminder of a moment together. The moon, which is always there even when we can't see it, has its own magic and mystical character.